In The Absence of African Violet

The Oceanic Feeling

Man, Pregnancy, Ocean

Shadow and Space

Black Carbon Creates Clouds, Drifts in the Wind and Falls to the Ground and The Glacier Is Breathing and What We Are Looking For Is the Arctic Haze

Black Carbon Creates Clouds, Drifts in the Wind and Falls to the Ground

Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions and Everyday Life

The Enchantment of Modern Life


Foreheads (Oskar, Randi, Sigmund, Munan)

Circumference Cycle

We Are a Thought within Nature`s Language

The Loud Thinker

The Ecological Thought

Strek - Struktur

Careful Management and Study of Relations

A System is More than the Sum of Its Parts 3 - 5

If You Imagine Cutting the Universe into Pieces, the Different Parts Can Serve as Clocks for the Others 2

To Imagine The Real

Erindring er forutsetning for fundering og fabulering

Timelines and Birds

A System Is More than the Sum of Its Parts

Creative Lighting Digital Photography Tips and Techniques / A Color Atlas of Photosynthetic Euglenoids 1 and 2

In Some Fundamental Way, when I Look at You, Your Face Becomes Mine

Die Zähne sind mit der Erinnerung eng verbunden

The Wall, Painting, Paper, Plaster, Wood, Cellulose, Gypsum, Mineral, Chemical Element, Atoms, Particles, Vulcanos, Heat and Pressure, The Big Bang

Forms of Ev (Evolve - to Unfold, Open Out, Expand)

Growth and Movement, A Vulcano Eruption Contributed to The French Revolution

Growth and Movement, Friedrich and Minerals

Complex Systems Arise Out of a Multiplicity of Relatively Simple Interactions

Friends and Family Back and Forth in Time 2006

The Relationships Between the Landscape, the Plants and the Paper Bag in Which My Color Pencils Have Made a Random Pattern