Der Augenblick ist eine Verdickung
Gedichte, Geschichte, Gesicht
Dichte, Schichte, Sicht

2012, Mirrors, digital prints, wood

Some people can learn a new language in two weeks.They say they do it by an intuitive understanding of what a word means, depending on the sound, length and rhythm. To them words starting or ending with the same sound will stand for similar forms.
Husserl said the present is a thickening (eine Verdickung), a field of time where the past passes and the future is anticipated, the memory of the last moment and the expectation for the future are part of the now. Verdickung relates to Gedichte in German, meaning poetry. Similar words are Gesicht, which means face, and Geschichte, meaning history, and from there we get Sicht, Dichte, Schichte, View, Density and Layer, which all, to me, relate to the perception of the present moment.